Jennifer Lawrence loves Love Lamp

Ok, guys, I am even jealous of myself now. This is the biggest story of Love Lamp's life so far, and I still can’t believe that really happened to me the other day. Here is the story.

One of my dear friends has bought a Love Lamp for the birthday of her sister. She wanted it to be unveiled on her birthday party where she invited the crew she was actually working with. I only knew she was a filmmaker. Just like I used to be, so I did not suspect anything.

(Love Lamp is ready to party. All rights reserved Love Lamp™ )

The day before the party I dreamt that I was making a selfie with Jennifer Lawrence in front of my lamp. The dream came from nowhere, and it was so nonsense and crazy, but it had such a great influence on me that I told the story to the birthday girl when I arrived at the party.

She started to laugh out loud:

“You were close, because I am actually working with her. But she cannot be here tonight, she has something else to do” - she said.

It was already an incredible coincidence , but I was more excited about the unveiling than to take care of the story.

Time went by and I realized a familiar face in the crowd: it was Francis Lawrence. The director of the Hunger games and some other Hollywood hits. He was extremely friendly and very nice, we even had a selfie.

(With Hunger Games director, Francis Lawrence . All rights reserved Love Lamp™ )

Then I was talking to the producer of the film, and we decided to go outside for a cigarette. We were chatting outside when a smaller group of people arrived, and the all kissed the lovely producer, Mary, and said hello to me. Then under one of the hoodies, a very-very familiar face said:

“Hi, it’s great to meet you! I’m Jen.”

YES! IT WAS HER! The Oscar winning, super funny and very talented Jennifer Shrader Lawrence. I was standing there, and only an “OMG” could leave my mouth which was not so professional, but come one! I just dreamt about this!!!

(Party is starting. Jennifer doing ballet moves for the director, and i am trying to look normal :D All rights reserved Love Lamp™ )

After I got my stuff together the big unveiling happened. And all the Hollywood crew (Red Sparrow, premier: March 2nd, 2018) applauded for me. The set designer was congratulating, and said she has never seen anything like this before. The director was examining Love Lamp from very close, and seemingly he liked it very much. The producer and the 1st AD said they definitely want their own Love Lamp. So I think it was quite a success :)

(Mr. Lawrence really likes Love Lamp, asking: "Did you really make it?" All rights reserved Love Lamp™ )

Then I saw the bday Girl, Ági chatting with Jennifer about my lamp. I stepped next to them, the actress turned to me, and said:

“You are a true artist, I really love your work. It is amazing.”

(JLaw's back and me. All rights reserved Love Lamp™ ). 

I could hardly breathe but I told her how much I loved her work and sense of humor, then I told her about my dream. She was like:

“Let’s make this dream come true, and she stood next to me for a pic”.

Can you believe it??? Because I could’t. Really. So I asked my husband to make a photo of us, because my hands were shaking.

He has a lot of talents, but photography is not amongst them. :D He was also so nervous, that the lamp can not be seen too much, but anyway. I met Jennifer Lawrence, who I truly admire, and she loved what I am doing. We even have a few dark and blurry photos together. I will never forget this night.

(THE picture. Jennifer, Love Lamp and me. To pictures, one quality. :) All rights reserved Love Lamp™ )

Actually this was the beginning of everything, because Ági has the 1st officially sold Love Lamp with the serial number #004. This all happened back in January, but Jennifer asked me not to publish it until she was shooting here, in Budapest. So that she could go back to the bar where it all happened.

Now that the crew continued their journey to Prague I have this goodbye present from them. I wish you the best, guys. Thank you for the memory for life. It was awesome J

Kati, Ági, thank you for being my very first clients, and thank you for the great and wonderful opportunity. I will never forget your kindness, I wish you all the best possible in life. Thank you so incredibly very much <3



(Bday girl, Ági, and her present. All rights reserved Love Lamp™)

(Kati, my very first Client <3 All rights reserved Love Lamp™)

(Red Sparrow crew loving Love Lamp. All rights reserved Love Lamp™)