The Love (Lamp) Story

When is say Love Lamp was born from sensuality, love and passion, I am always thinking of the fairy tale about how all this started at the very beginning. Now I will tell you the Love Lamp Story: how and why the first Love Lamp has come to life.

(Love Lamp #001, Photo credit: Love Lamp ™ All rights reserved)

In January 2014 I was in a fresh and romantic new relationship. Spring was coming, and I wanted to make my bedroom prepared for romance. I wanted to buy a very-very big, painting-like, gold lamp with 3D ornaments, preferably decorated with flowers and leaves. I wanted it to be elegant and impressive, and very thin, to be able to hang it above my king-size bed. I wanted it to be eco-friendly also. I needed it to be dimmable to always make the prefect mood for reading, watching a movie, or… you know.

So I started to search the internet for my dream lamp. First, in my country, Hungary. I found nothing. So I broadened the search for the EU, the United States, then the whole world. I was searching for the thing I imagined in my head for a month, like a crazy person. And I FOUND NOTHING! Not even some similar stuff. I got so angry, and motivated in the same time, that I decided to do it myself. I always loved to draw, cut, sew, sculpt, form any materials, and give them a new life as something different, something more they used to be before. Plus my mother used to be a woman’s tailor, my father started his career as a leather smith, and my beloved late grandfather was an electrician, so I was confident enough with my genes also.

What could happen the worst? I may have not been succeeded. So what? At least I tried. But actually I did manage :)

(My sweet-sweet parents. I will be always grateful for them.

Photo credit: Love Lamp ™ All rights reserved)

(Breaking! As I was digging in my files for photos of the Love Lamp #001. I just realised, that I started to work on it in my living-room, the 1st March, 2014. And guess when did the Love Lamp website have its kickoff? You are damn right! Exactly on the 1st March 2017! Wow, it is also new for me! I believe in destiny and the power of the Universe, but, they still can surprise me every single time. Incredible! It has taken exactly 3 years to make my dream come true. Just like in a fairy tale.)

Getting back to our story, I bought all the possible materials, and I started to test them. With a knife. On the wooden floor of my apartment. And in a few weeks, I found the perfect material. I also found out the way it should be framed, and made deep studies in LED lighting. I was working only on the decoration for a week without a stop. 10 to 12 hours a day. I did not draw it in advance, I just let my creativity fly and my hand to cut shapes in the material.

(Work in progress. The first test with the LED lights.

Photo credit: Love Lamp ™ All rights reserved)

I used a paint from the hobby shop, and I sprayed it on our terrace :D So there was a long way of development ahead. But on the 8th March, on International Women’s Day, after months of development and research, my dream lamp was finally ready.

(Some flies, dust and other stuff got stuck in the painting on the terrace :)

Photo credit: Love Lamp ™ All rights reserved)

(Boyfriend helping a lot in the process :D Photo credit: Love Lamp™ All rights reserved)

(In the webshop, when you chose the size, Original – 150 x 120 cm refers to this very lamp’s parameters. It was the original size I dreamed. Photo credit: Love Lamp ™ All rights reserved)

We were so happy with it, and of course we immediately wanted to try it out with my boyfriend. When I recommend “please be very delicate with Love Lamp, because it is extremely fragile”, I am referring to the following moments: 

My boy tossed me on the bed and wanted to throw a pillow from our way with passion. But with this movement, he broke off three leafs of my fresh and crispy lamp. Then I cried for a little while.:D

(Sweet memory of the restored leaf after the “accident”. Photo credit: Love Lamp ™ All rights reserved)

For those, who are worried about the future of the relationship with the guy, no worries. Here is a photo that we went on quite well.

(Our wedding day - 1st August, 2015.

Photo credit: Tamas Polgar, )

Yes, we got married, the 1st August 2015! So girls, Love Lamp has some quite positive side effects. Just saying. 

Since then we have moved to another apartment, but Love Lamp #001 is still hanging above our bed. It has all the loveable blemishes that an alpha version of a product can have, but we love it from the bottom of our hearts. And we always will.

So this was the story of how my baby was born three years ago. It feels great to share it with you. 

(Love Lamp #001 on it’s original place.

Photo credit: Love Lamp ™ All rights reserved)

If you have your own Love (Lamp) Story, please do not hesitate to share it with me on I would love to hear it!

Next time I will tell you how the one and only bedroom lamp became a luxury brand called Love Lamp. It was a long way, I can tell you in advance. ;)

Love, Andrea