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Love Lamp

Love Lamp

Discover the embodied vision of Andrea Harcos. Her large-scale, custom-made light sculptures create a unique and magical atmosphere in any space. Each piece is born in close cooperation with our clients following a dream envisioned together.

Love Installations

The grandiose light installations spanning several meters, were born of the love of glass and fiber optics. They prevail their best in large spaces. Their exciting fineness, thousands of shiny bottles floating in the air fill any building with a special, overwhelming visual and emotional experience.

Love Lighting

Andrea’s inner drive is pushing boundaries, combining unprecedented forms and functions in light. Her enthusiasm for natural materials - wood, glass, metal – gives birth to lamps that have never been seen before, thus crossing the boundaries of any existing ideas in the world of lighting.

Love Collection

The mission of Love Lamp is to bring light into the lives of as many people as possible, by conjuring a smile into our heart, and a sense of pure luxury in your surroundings. That's why we created our first limited edition collection. By creating Pabloe, we also wanted to express our love for natural materials.

Conceived with love

The first Love Lamp was born through the hands of Andrea Harcos in 2013, after it turned out that the mood lamp/artefact that she dreamed up in her head, did not yet exist anywhere in the world. The first piece she created for her own bedroom was so successful amongst her friends and family that she began developing it, then launched her business in 2016 as Love Lamp. Today, we have 100+ customers, a wealth of experience, learning, and joy. 

The uniqueness of our brand – in addition to the visual experience and quality-, lies in the fact that we are able to turn feelings into lamps, which will then give their owners decades of joy and a constant inner smile. Our focus is always on the human being: personalized, custom-made creations have made our customers happy every time so far.


The luxury of intimacy

The birth of Love Lamps is a beautiful journey between the customer and the creator, based on a personal contact. In a process accompanied by mutual trust and enthusiasm, Andrea connects with a special sense to the person sitting opposite her and the space where the work of art will be placed. After the first personal meeting, we will present Andrea’s vision, and 4-8 weeks later, we will personally deliver and install the work with our team. Love Lamp is not just a lamp. There is only one piece of each light sculpture in the whole world, and you are the muse in every little detail. It will fill the life of its owner with emotion, magic, and last but not least, light.


Tailored to your dreams

We customize each element of our numbered light sculptures to fit our client, so the use of materials is unlimited. We are proud to have researched the best quality materials from all over the world. In addition to the secret Swiss raw material – which the fronts of Love Lamps are made of – we work with German, energy-saving electronics, Italian glass, genuine Manetti gold and silver leaf, noble wood, real minerals, Swarovski crystals and copper screws. In addition, Andrea has searched for the best national and foreign professionals: her work is assisted by an electrical engineer, a design engineers, glass artists, carpenters and some professionals. Only imagination can set a limit to creating the lamp of your dreams.

Ars Poetica

  • “The gratitude I feel embraces every moment I can spend in the world of Light. The joy of meeting and creating together with my clients is accompanied by the purest human emotions. My strength comes from my soul and from my hands: through the threads of inspiration from nature, I connect to an invisible force that gives birth to a vision in my soul and then flows into the material through my hands. It is a true honor that my job has been to bring light into people’s lives.”

    Andrea Harcos
    Creator of Love Lamp

About us

Andrea Harcos

Light sculptor

I was raised in the city of art, Szentendre, and imbibed the joy of creation since my childhood and my hands were my most important tools. I did pottery, cutting and sewing, felt, and created something of whatever came to my way.

After my years at school my path led me to media and later on I was a journalist, then a TV editor, a film production manager and finally the owner of a film production company – all that were counter-moves compared to my true talent. Finally, in 2013 flared what I can call my vocation to date: handmade artwork that I named as light sculpture due to its special features.

The name: Love Lamp by Andrea Harcos was born in 2017 and therewith the first pieces were sold. My love for light is everlasting so in my plans light will always be an organic part of my work. I take my inspirations from nature and the beautiful world of sacred geometry and I find it exciting how harmony emerges in the soul by means of symmetry. My vision is to create a nicer world with the passion for light and art.


  • “A huge milestone in the history of Love Lamp is the birth of their first limited edition collection, Pablo.”
  • “Andrea Harcos left the world of filmmaking to make her dreams come true, and founded the realm of Love Lamp’s light sculptures..”
  • “Unique light sculptures with which you can enchant any space – the brand of Andrea Harcos, Love Lamp makes this possible. Andrea realized the biggest dream of her life in Love Lamp.”

My Love Lamp

The first step in becoming a Love Lamp owner is to contact us and we will be happy to guide you through this intimate and exciting process. Because we make each piece to order, our prices are also completely personalized. For more information, please contact us and we can head to your own Love Lamp together. We can give you an exact price offer and delivery time after assessing your needs.


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All our light sculptures are crafted uniquely, however, some of our lamps are on view at the Momento Design Showroom.

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