Ars Poetica

The very first Love Lamp
was inspired by love.

“I wanted to create the perfect atmosphere in my bedroom, be it for watching films, reading, breakfast in bed or for any other bedroom activities… A vision emerged in my soul of an organic and spectacular lamp with adjustable brightness that would fill the unexploited yawning space above my bed. I dreamt of a lamp that’s not just practical but also caresses my soul. I’ve been searching on the net for three months to find the vision in my head and it turned out to be non-existent in the whole wide world.

After they got married with my father, my mother intended to go to the College of Arts and Crafts but it was me coming. Later, as a taylor she created stunning costumes for many years while my dad graduated as a leather artist. No doubt I was born with handcraft in my DNA and “destination: art” written in the screenplay of my fate. At the very moment it turned out I cannot buy the the ighting wall art I wanted so much– as it has not existed yet – an elemental revelation of I-can-do-it kicked in. It was the spring of 2013 when I created the No. 1 piece that is hanging above my bed since then. The realisation, with the help of my loved ones, of me wanting to ply this trade and nothing else, was followed by three years of development to make my dreams come true. Leaving my production company behind I completely focused on my lamps. Following the legal administration, CE certification and completion of my website Love Lamp was officially launched in March 2017.”

“It’s been a long journey since then with my customers and co-workers. I trained and qualified myself in many fields including painting with a spray gun, from a restorer I’ve learnt the ancient technique of tinselling, completed a glass art and an upholstery school and now I’m currently learning pottery from a ceramic artist. On top of that I became a certified electrician in the summer of 2021 and it made me prouder than having my Master of PR degree. I was in the news in Forbes, Otthon, WMN and Glamour, appeared for tv and had many online interviews – and I’m still amazed by the wonderful things happening to me. Each and every day there is joy and gratitude in my soul for this calling and it’s an incomprehensible miracle I have been living in for 5 years now.

It’s not a secret desire of ours to make this planet a better place by our work through light, sheer feelings, love, beauty and art. The essence of all these can be found in each of our custom made light sculptures tailored individually each time to our customers. Thanks for having you we can bring the light to. Thanks for all our fantastic customers – for some reason we’ve been hit solely by lovely souls. We are happy to have you here with us to feel the luxury of intimacy through our light sculptures.”

Andrea Harcos

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