Love Lamp

Love Lamp is a large sized “picture” fixed on the wall, a lamp that functions as a piece of art too. As per Marcel Wanders, the Dutch designer of fancy goods and interiors, luxury starts where functionality ends. At the cradle of Love Lamps, as a merit on top of the sterling lamp function, Andrea envisioned an extraordinary eidetic treat that positively affects our emotions, mood and our whole life.
As a counter-current to the estranged society one of the most special features of our service is that we identified personal contact as the lynchpin of creation. Our customer is in our focus and by making their acquaintance we have a projection sourced from the vibes of their soul what we materialize later on.
All our light sculptures come to life based on unique ideas and then take shape by the hands of Andrea using the technique developed by herself. The cover is made of a Swiss stock protected by trade secret. Andrea creates the lamp of this material that is carefully lifted into a wooden frame and the lighting is made of high quality and energy-saving LED, power supply and dimmer. Then we paint the surface with a personalized colour and decorate it with real gold, silver, crystals, semiprecious stones, however, even letters and secret symbols can be placed on our numbered light sculptures.
The colour and intensity of light, the size and form of the body, the design and decoration can all be flexibly selected for each lamp. Assuredly your Love Lamp will be exclusive and the one and only piece in the world.

Love installations

Upon a British customer’s request Andrea envisaged and created her first light installation at the end of year 2017. Besides the Love Lamps most commonly fixed on walls the ethereal and spacious light installations can be placed in greater spaces.

On thousands of meters of fibre optics, the glass rocks – or other glass objects – are hanging from a stable and safe top plate creating enchanting atmosphere to the place. The uniqueness of these light installations is based on having the light sourced extraordinarily not from outside but inside, coming through the fibre optics enlivening thousands of levitating glass objects. Apart from the moodlighting, the artist can build in a hidden main light into the installation, thus intertwining practicality, functionality, beauty and art, what’s been her guiding principle since the beginning. We are happy to create any size, form, colour and idea into any space.

Love Lighting

“I didn’t know it was impossible, so I did it”. This quote could be Andrea’s slogan too: her inner drive is to break boundaries and amalgamate forms and functions in light as never seen before. Her enthusiasm towards natural materials like wood, glass and metals brings forth unprecedented lamps, thus breaking the status quo on what we think is possible to do with lighting.

There are lightings and lamps that cannot be categorized unambiguously or are being nearer to the category of lamps yet are completely unique. In this group we have gathered those out of line lightings that have been inspired by our customers and been vivified by Andrea’s experiments, her boldness and unique implementation ideas. Should you have an idea you may think is not executable – put us to the test and we are all set. Provided the final product is throwing out light, we are ready to be lost in any material and form. This is our calling.

Love Collection

The ultimate mission of Love Lamp is to bring light to the lives of as many people as possible. Light that brings a smile to our eyes, warmth to our hearts, a sense of pure luxury to our surroundings.
That’s why we created our first limited edition collection, with which we also want to express our love for natural materials. In addition to the use of environmentally friendly materials, our energy-saving, adjustable LED lighting ensures that our light sculptures cover all life situations: be it a romantic, candlelit dinner, a large family gathering or reading in a cozy armchair.

The creator of our collections, Andrea Harcos, ensures that our light sculptures give the experience of an artefact and they create an unmistakeable atmosphere with their unique lines and the utmost attention to every detail. She has found the most modern machines to create ultra precise fitting, and she combined it with meticulous, careful, hand-work by highly skilled professionals. This are her secret components that smuggle an inexplicable serenity in your heart whenever you look at our creations.

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