Love Collection

A huge milestone and an even greater pride for us, is the birth of Love Lamp’s first limited edition collection. Our main intention with this collection is to bring light to the lives of several human beings in addition to custom-made light sculptures, as well as the ars poetica expressed in our slogan: The luxury of intimacy.

The creator of the Love Lamp brand and the dreamer of the collection, Andrea Harcos’ passion for natural materials is embodied in a form-breaking, airy and exciting, yet endlessly calm, palm-leaf-inspired capsule collection that includes a chandelier, a floor lamp and a wall lamp.

She was inspired by the experiences of her most beautiful travels — the rainforests of Hawaii, the palm-fringed beaches of the Dominican republic — and her favorite plant, the Monstera Deliciosa palm that lives in her living room. She named the plant Paul, hence the name of the collection, which we release to the world as Pablo as a sign of Andrea’s passion for the Spanish language.

The artist used her favorite materials to create the light sculptures: from the intertwining of the magical beauty of American walnut and real brass, she and her team created fixtures that rose to the level of an artefact.

The collection combines state-of-the-art technology and the magic of human touch. Finding the best professionals in the country, she selected a woodworking and a metalworking team with whom they realized Andrea’s visions in beautiful collaboration. The most modern machines provided needle-fitting and impeccable quality of the wood and brass used, but life was moved to the desinger pieces by the many, many hours of human touch, and expert handling. The brass is sanded, the wood is finished with the best quality oil, so these two noble materials form a perfect harmony together. We also selected additional accessories, suspensions and wires for our pieces along the golden ratio of aesthetics and luxury.

The light function is provided by the best quality, energy-saving LEDs and their accessories. The light that gives the objects a soul is carefully designed, selected, and then installed by the creator as always. According to her faith, light determines almost everything in an interior: its strength, color, direction, height and source determine what our mood and feelings will be in the given space. We didn’t want to make the mistake often seen with designer pieces that a beautiful luxury item doesn’t perform its original function properly. It was important for each piece in our collection to be truly “useful” as well: Thanks to its adjustable brightness, the chandelier that forms a huge palm leaf gives the perfect light for a candlelit dinner, as well as for a large family lunch. It is a perfect experience to read in the protective embrace of the floor lamp, but it is also a pleasure to cuddle intimately under it. And the wall bracket, with its delicate, unobtrusive light and exciting shadows, brings life to every space.

Every millimeter of our collection is interwoven with our commitment to quality, reliability and beauty, as well as a sense of calm and luxury emanating from natural materials. And as an indispensable ingredient, there is a dedication and love that resides in each of our pieces, so that every time you look at them, a smile moves into your eyes and heart.

Pablo was presented to the World at a V.I.P. party on November 4, 2021 under the title Love Lamp for Momento Design. Our collaboration with Momento’s brilliant, sophisticated and knowledgeable team started in February 2021 with immediate, mutual enthusiasm, and soon the idea of a joint collection was born. Respecting their endless trust in us and our common future plans, the exclusive Hungarian distributor of the collection has become Momento Design. We are happy and proud that our first child together was a huge success among both the profession and Momento customers at the Launch Party.




Our light sculptures

Love Lamp

Discover the embodied vision of Andrea Harcos. Her large-scale, custom-made light sculptures create a unique and magical atmosphere in any space. Each piece is born in close cooperation with our clients following a dream envisioned together.

Love Installations

The grandiose light installations spanning several meters, were born of the love of glass and fiber optics. They prevail their best in large spaces. Their exciting fineness, thousands of shiny bottles floating in the air fill any building with a special, overwhelming visual and emotional experience.

Love Lighting

Andrea’s inner drive is pushing boundaries, combining unprecedented forms and functions in light. Her enthusiasm for natural materials – wood, glass, metal – gives birth to lamps that have never been seen before, thus crossing the boundaries of any existing ideas in the world of lighting.

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