Love Installations

Upon a British customer’s request Andrea envisaged and created her first light installation at the end of year 2017. Besides the Love Lamps most commonly fixed on walls the ethereal and spacious light installations can be placed in greater spaces.

On thousands of meters of fibre optics, the glass rocks – or other glass objects – are hanging from a stable and safe top plate creating enchanting atmosphere to the place. The uniqueness of these light installations is based on having the light sourced extraordinarily not from outside but inside, coming through the fibre optics enlivening thousands of levitating glass objects.

Apart from the moodlighting, the artist can build in a hidden main light into the installation, thus intertwining practicality, functionality, beauty and art, what’s been her guiding principle since the beginning. We are happy to create any size, form, colour and idea into any space.


Our light sculptures

Love Lamp

Discover the embodied vision of Andrea Harcos. Her large-scale, custom-made light sculptures create a unique and magical atmosphere in any space. Each piece is born in close cooperation with our clients following a dream envisioned together.

Love Lighting

Andrea’s inner drive is pushing boundaries, combining unprecedented forms and functions in light. Her enthusiasm for natural materials – wood, glass, metal – gives birth to lamps that have never been seen before, thus crossing the boundaries of any existing ideas in the world of lighting.

Love Collection

The mission of Love Lamp is to bring light into the lives of as many people as possible, by conjuring a smile into our heart, and a sense of pure luxury in your surroundings. That’s why we created our first limited edition collection. By creating Pabloe, we also wanted to express our love for natural materials.

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