Love Lamp

Love Lamp is a large sized “picture” fixed on the wall, a lamp that functions as a piece of art too. As per Marcel Wanders, the Dutch designer of fancy goods and interiors, luxury starts where functionality ends. At the cradle of Love Lamps, as a merit on top of the sterling lamp function, Andrea envisioned an extraordinary eidetic treat that positively affects our emotions, mood and our whole life.

As a counter-current to the estranged society one of the most special features of our service is that we identified personal contact as the lynchpin of creation. Our customer is in our focus and by making their acquaintance we have a projection sourced from the vibes of their soul what we materialize later on.

All our light sculptures come to life based on unique ideas and then take shape by the hands of Andrea using the technique developed by herself. The cover is made of a Swiss stock protected by trade secret. Andrea creates the lamp of this material that is carefully lifted into a wooden frame and the lighting is made of high quality and energy-saving LED, power supply and dimmer. Then we paint the surface with a personalized colour and decorate it with real gold, silver, crystals, semiprecious stones, however, even letters and secret symbols can be placed on our numbered light sculptures.

The colour and intensity of light, the size and form of the body, the design and decoration can all be flexibly selected for each lamp. Assuredly your Love Lamp will be exclusive and the one and only piece in the world.


Our light sculptures

Love Installations

The grandiose light installations spanning several meters, were born of the love of glass and fiber optics. They prevail their best in large spaces. Their exciting fineness, thousands of shiny bottles floating in the air fill any building with a special, overwhelming visual and emotional experience.

Love Lighting

Andrea’s inner drive is pushing boundaries, combining unprecedented forms and functions in light. Her enthusiasm for natural materials – wood, glass, metal – gives birth to lamps that have never been seen before, thus crossing the boundaries of any existing ideas in the world of lighting.

Love Collection

The mission of Love Lamp is to bring light into the lives of as many people as possible, by conjuring a smile into our heart, and a sense of pure luxury in your surroundings. That's why we created our first limited edition collection. By creating Pablo, we also wanted to express our love for natural materials.

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