Love Lighting

“I didn’t know it was impossible, so I did it”. This quote could be Andrea’s slogan too: her inner drive is to break boundaries and amalgamate forms and functions in light as never seen before. Her enthusiasm towards natural materials like wood, glass and metals brings forth unprecedented lamps, thus breaking the status quo on what we think is possible to do with lighting.

There are lightings and lamps that cannot be categorized unambiguously or are being nearer to the category of lamps yet are completely unique. In this group we have gathered those out of line lightings that have been inspired by our customers and been vivified by Andrea’s experiments, her boldness and unique implementation ideas. Should you have an idea you may think is not executable – put us to the test and we are all set. Provided the final product is throwing out light, we are ready to be lost in any material and form. This is our calling.


Our light sculptures

Love Lamp

Discover the embodied vision of Andrea Harcos. Her large-scale, custom-made light sculptures create a unique and magical atmosphere in any space. Each piece is born in close cooperation with our clients following a dream envisioned together.

Love Installations

The grandiose light installations spanning several meters, were born of the love of glass and fiber optics. They prevail their best in large spaces. Their exciting fineness, thousands of shiny bottles floating in the air fill any building with a special, overwhelming visual and emotional experience.

Love Collection

The mission of Love Lamp is to bring light into the lives of as many people as possible, by conjuring a smile into our heart, and a sense of pure luxury in your surroundings. That's why we created our first limited edition collection. By creating Pablo, we also wanted to express our love for natural materials.

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