HighLIGHTS of our lives.

A huge milestone in the history of Love Lamp is the birth of their first limited edition collection, Pablo.

Andrea Harcos left the world of filmmaking to make her dreams come true, and founded the realm of Love Lamp’s light sculptures.

Unique light sculptures with which you can enchant any space – the brand of Andrea Harcos, Love Lamp makes this possible. Andrea realized the biggest dream of her life in Love Lamp.

If you like to seek the web and are a real news consumer, then you should have met Andi’s light sculpture – Jennifer Lawrence adored her creation when she was shooting in Hungary…

The light sculptures of Andrea Harcos, which unfold from organic forms, decorate the interiors even when they are switched off. Swimming in their light creates a very special atmosphere.

The Oscar-winning actress fell in love with Andrea Harcos’ special lamp. Though this whole adventure took place back in January. She recently has written a blog post about the huge success…

Andrea Harcos, the creator of Love Lamps, handed over a unique lamp made by her at a birthday party, but to her surprise she also ran into an Oscar-winning star…

Andrea Harcos’ lamps are inspired by beauty and love, and her fans include an Oscar-winning actress. She talked about the road to success abroad, a courageous decision and of course, love…

It is like when the sky opens and the sun rises from the clouds. So are the lights of Andrea Harcos. It took a path worthy of her name (Harcos means Warrior) by the time Love Lamp was born. She fought with herself, with her position, but she achieved what she dreamed of.

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