The Artist

Andrea Harcos

I live in the captivating, alluring and marvelous capital city of Hungary, Budapest, and Love Lamp is my dream come true. I used to work as a filmmaker until I realized that my passion and gift of creating these beauties would make me truly happy in each moment.


Ever since I was a child I loved to shape all kinds of materials - clay, paper, wood or anything natural. My mother is a wonderful bespoke tailor, and my father originally was a leather smith. Creating beautiful, bespoke items, runs in the family, it seems! I made the first Love Lamp in March 2014, after finding out that nothing like it existed in the world. Yet! So I decided to make one myself. A created a perfect, beautiful lighting for the bedroom I shared with the man who is now my husband.

I soon realized that creating light sculptures was what I wanted to do with my life, and also what iI am best at, so after two and a half years of planning and perfecting, in November 2016, the Love Lamp brand and my first studio was finally born!

Your Love Lamp will be 100% made for you to perfectly fit your unique tastes. Let’s make your dreams come true together.


For more of my personal experience you can read my Love (Lamp) Stories on my blog, or share your Love Lamp dreams and desires in the chat window. I will respond as soon as possible.